Anti tick collar Army round

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The natural way to get rid of those ticks. 

In the Anti-tick collar there are EX-X Ceramic beads, these beads will optimize the immune system of your dog. Dogs with a good immune system attrac less ticks and parasites. The amount of ticks or parasites will become less or will totally disappear. 

The EM-X Ceramic beads can also be part of a more calm feeling for the dog. Plus it can make the fur softer and more shiny. 

Always check your dog after a walk, as the collar is not a 100% guaranteed. 

How to use it: 

* Leave the collar on as much as possible, with rough playing you can always take it off. 

* After around 2/3 weeks the collar with be at his peak performance. 

* After every 2 weeks rinse the collar with water ( no cleaning products) and let it dry by the window.

* The collar works for 10-12 months. 

How to measure: 

Measure the neck of your dog tight, at the place where the collar would be. Take this size and add 5cm. See in which size you will be. Is your size just on the edge or you are not sure which to take. Send us an email or a message on Instagram or Facebook. We will help you decide on the right size for your dog. 

[email protected] @sisanddog

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